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Mega Mastermind (June 2022)

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We brought together a panel of some of Sutton Quantum's top agents to talk about this changing market. Panelists include: Alex Winiarski, Bryan Adlam, Kate & Matthew Czaplinski, Kirk Fournier, Linda Zylik, Rosemarie Wallace, Tim Parsons, and Sheila Barry.

Below is a collection of notes or points we thought were important takeaways from this meeting. We highly encourage attendance to all of our events as they always contain valuable information for personal and/or business development.

Q & A

What are some of the best strategies you currently use in a changing market? For example, how do you manage a seller’s expectations when the market is starting to slow?
  • Find out seller's situation before going into market & pricing conversation. You'll know where better to direct the conversation afterwards.

    • Motivation is important

    • Find out what they think about the market right now

  • Transparency to sellers about the current market

  • Knowledge is key - know the market, know the competition

  • Current market is not that bad. We're still at or above last year's prices (as of June 2022).

  • Bidding war no longer a good strategy in many cases

  • Know your worth!

    • Your worth as a knowledgeable realtor is a lot more than it was in February of this year

    • It takes more skill to sell a house in this market

How often are your reporting to your sellers?
  • Some agents say daily, others weekly.

  • Understand that sellers are nervous about the market

  • Provide statistics

    • Get feedback after showings

    • Obtain showing statistics from BrokerBay

Do you turn down listings? What is your advice to fellow agents?
  • Whether agents turn down a listing depends largely on relationship with the seller

  • If the seller will not listen to your advice, there is no sense in spending a lot of your time and money on that listing.

  • Having a professional CMA really helps with getting listings & buyer clients. When you have compelling data, it becomes easier to convince clients about the current market.

  • Name of the game is delivering value to your clients. Having good service ensures they are lifelong clients with referrals.

In your opinion, is the first offer the best offer when you’re representing a seller?
  • Generally, yes, but it is situational.

  • You need to look at the competition and current market

  • Have conversations early to set the stage

    • Talk with honesty & build trust for guidance

  • First 2 weeks for a listing are crucial

  • Work with every offer you get

  • Advice for agents:

    • Getting and selling a listing is valuable experience, but be careful not to waste your resources and money if you don't think it is going to sell.

    • Do everything in your power to work with every lead

    • Bring all information to sellers if the offer doesn't have the price they want. It can change perspective in what sellers think their home is worth.

    • SQ resources - enhanced CMAs, market trends categorized by cities, and BrokerBay showing/offer statistics.

    • If you are representing the buyer and putting in an offer with no conditions, make sure to use Form 127 to protect yourself.

What is the conversation like with buyers like right now?
  • Right now is a good time to work with buyers. Especially when they have pre-approval and have a closing date in mind.

    • You want buyers with a deadline. For example, people who already sold their houses, or relocating from a different city.

  • Seeing reemergence of first time buyers and more offers with conditions

  • Buyers can start negotiating with sellers

[Legal] Are you seeing any last minute requests for closing extensions?
  • Seeing a few abatements

  • Some people who purchased in a higher market are now having their lawyers go back to negotiate a price reduction

  • Seeing more issues with financing and vendor-take-back mortgages

[Lending] What trends are you seeing on the mortgage side?
  • Shifting market. Although things haven't changed much for well-qualified buyers.

  • Important to ensure you get a qualified appraiser and that the appraisal gets done

  • Bank appraisals can be challenged

What would you tell yourself getting started as a realtor if you could do it again?
  • You will learn a lot with mistakes & will be able to leverage that knowledge

  • Make your mistakes now, instead of 30 years from now.

  • You will always make mistakes, things are always changing & evolving.

  • Utilize social media & digital media, embrace it as fully as you can.

  • Be able to answer the question “what will happen if”

  • Learn about Landlord Tenant Board and rules surrounding leases

  • Have the confidence to ask for business

    • Talk to your neighbours, you will be surprised with how many deals you find

  • Get on real estate hacks

  • Read more about what other realtors have to say

  • 25,000 agents on it

  • Helpful for "what if" situations

  • Never be on a site where commission is being discussed (can be considered collusion) - discuss these issues with our broker.

  • Find an agent you connect with & use as a mentor. Get them to walk you through deals. You can learn a lot from every transaction.

  • Build a reputation in a niche, your clients will get to know you & keep coming to you (repeat and referral business).

If you have any questions or require support, please reach out to the SQ team at


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