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TransactionDesk: How to's, checklists, deal templates, electronic signings & more

Earlier in the year we launched TransactionDesk for simpler transactions from start to finish including everything you need for digital transaction management, templates, tasks, checklists, document storage, electronic signings & more.

Starting July 1st, 2023, SQ paperwork submission through TransactionDesk will become mandatory.

As we continue to ease into the transition, we have created job aids to help you navigate your deals from the moment you enter the transaction to when it closes, and right through to our SQ Deals Department until you get paid.

SQ Templates & SQ Checklist Items

Our office has created both Transaction Template Kits and Checklist Items for each of the key types of real estate transactions. By using our SQ Templates Kits and associated checklist within each kit, you will be able to track the status of your transactions in real-time.

  • The Transaction Templates are kits that include all standard forms and documents you would typically need for a deal with the ability for you to add any additional forms or documents. Types of kits include: Listing templates for sale or lease for freehold or condos, Offer to purchase templates for sale or lease, and more.

  • Our SQ Checklists provide a list of signed and completed documents you need to gather and submit as separate files that match each checklist item to our SQ Deals Department in order to complete your transactions. Checklist items include uploading each separate PDF document for individual checklist items such as: Working with a Realtor©, Final APS, FINTRAC, and more for both the listing and sale sides of your deals.

How to access the SQ TransactionDesk Job Aids

You can view the guides directly by logging into SQ Central and accessing via the home page or under the [Real Estate Guides] tab and clicking on TransactionDesk.

Following is a list of our step-by-step guides available on SQ Central:

  1. Create a Transaction

  2. Attach Documents to the SQ Checklist Items & Understanding the Status Bar

  3. Importing MLS Data into an Existing Transaction

  4. Using the 5-Step Wizard to Enter Details for Your Transaction

  5. Update the Status & Edit a Transaction

  6. Apply an SQ Template to an Existing Transaction

  7. Create an Electronic Signing Package via Authentisign

  8. Create an Electronic Signing Package via DocuSign

  9. Link your Account to DocuSign or Other E-Signature Provider

  10. Slicing Grouped Documents into a Single PDF File

  11. Customizing Your Member Dashboard

If you have any questions, or if you would like additional help or information please reach out to Abbey Boardman by calling the office or email at


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