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The Listing Process

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

This is a guide that detail the steps and resources to help you win the listing.

Before you get started, we recommend watching below session by our experienced SQ agent - Alex Winiarski:

Every agent has their own style and preferred way to conduct a listing presentation. We strive to provide as much support and collateral as possible so you can develop your very own listing presentation. This guide will go through suggested steps from preparation to getting the paperwork signed.

Step #1 - Preparation

First and foremost you need to think about what your listing presentation is going to include. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A formal presentation that outlines the power of your services and the brokerage behind you. Templated version below:

SQ Listing Presentation
Download PPTX • 2.89MB
  • Prepare a professional CMA. Sellers want to know how much their home is worth in the current market.

    • CMA 101 session is available in the Quantum recording library. Link below:

  • How do you prefer to present your services? Slideshow format on a laptop, printed brochures/flyers, or online interactive presentation?

  • Any supporting materials such as brochures of other homes you sold in the area, visual aids of your services (3D virtual tour, images of properties before/after you staged them, etc.)

  • Prepare listing paperwork. This all depends on how you want to structure your presentation. Some agents like to have printed paperwork there with fields pre-filled and highlight parts where signatures are needed. Others prefer to sign digitally.

  • Pros of having paperwork at the presentation

    • Shows the seller you're well-prepared and ready to go

    • Completes your presentation while everything is still fresh in the seller's mind

    • Chance to get paperwork signed earlier so it's less likely for seller to look elsewhere

  • Con

    • Not environmentally friendly

  • Consider using the SQ Commission Menu to manage commission conversation. Here's the menu and recording of a great session ran by Tina:

Download DOC • 110KB

Step #2 - Presentation

Present yourself professionally and arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. Many agents have a pre-listing routine that helps them get into the right mindset. Listen to motivational podcasts, presentation roleplay, meditation, etc.

"Performance is not about getting your act together, but about opening up to the energy of the audience." - Benjamin Zander

It is important to "speak the language" of your audience and understand how to navigate around various objections. Take a look at Tina's session on how to overcome listing objections.

Should we list exclusively or go on MLS?

The seller may be curious about different options as these are presented at the very top of the Listing Agreement. Having an exclusive period before going on MLS can be very beneficial for you and the seller. It can generate buyer/seller leads and may even help you double end a listing. For the seller, listing exclusively is a good way to test the waters with the price before going on MLS.

When should I suggest an Exclusive Listing Agreement?

When sellers are not quite ready to do showings or go on MLS yet. An exclusive agreement is a good way to make sure they are committed to working with you. It also gives you a head start to drum up some interest on their home.

Where can I advertise an Exclusive Listing?

  1. Your social media

  2. Your website

  3. Digital ads (Google/Facebook)

  4. Postcards/flyers

  5. The Quantum Exclusive Network

  6. Broker Pocket

  7. Your database

  8. QTV (contact for more details)

Offer strategies - should I recommend holding offers or offer any time?

Normally this decision will be based on the current housing market and seller's situation. It is not recommended to hold offers in a buyer's market since buyers have more listings to choose from.

Step #3 - MLS

Once the listing paperwork is signed, preparation should be underway to get seller's home ready for showings. This is the general flow of listing process:

Declutter / paint / renovation




Offer presentation

You can brokerload listings to MLS on your own, or you can have the SQ Agent Services team do it for you. We are also available to provide training on the brokerloading process if needed.

Step #4 - Offer Presentation

Dealing with offers can be nerve-wracking, but not if you're prepared! If you are expecting multiple offers, a spreadsheet like this can help summarize all the offers in an easy-to-view way.

Agent Name

Brokerage Name

Cell #

Offer Price


Closing Date

Irrevocable Date



Downloadable version:

Offer Presentation Template
Download XLSX • 8KB

We have lots of training and coaching available to help you through the process. Contact for more information.


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